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Trolley Dash

Welcome to Trolley Dash! You have sixty seconds to collect everything on your shopping list. Finish in time and move to the next level.
How to play: Remember what is on the shopping list. You have 60 seconds to get what is on the list. Use your mouse to move your trolley left or right. Click on the item you want to buy. If you are right it will fall into your trolley. If you can't remember what you need to buy, click on the shopping list to read it again.

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Animal countdown

There are 26 animals in the story ABC Zoo. Each animal begins with a different letter of the alphabet - from A to Z. But today there is a problem at the ABC Zoo - all the animals have escaped. Can you help the zookeeper put the animals back in their cages?

You have to click on each animal in the right order - in alphabetical order. For example, you should click on 'aardvark' first, then 'boa constrictor', then 'coyote' etc. Good luck!

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Sports mixer

Lottie loves sport. She wants to do some sport now but she needs the right clothes and things to play. Find the right things for her and practise sport words.
How to play: The girl wants to do sport. Read what she needs in the red box, for example, 'I want to play football. I need a football strip, a football, and some football boots.' Now click on the buttons next to the arrows. Find something for her head, her body and her feet. Stop when you find what she needs. If you are right you will get three medals. Click 'next' for the next sentence.

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How to play: You will hear and see a picture of a word. You will see three letters on the screen. One of the letters is the first letter of the word. For example, if the word is ‘fish’ the letter ‘F’ will be on the screen.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the bookworm to the yellow ball below the letter. The bookworm will eat the letter and another word will appear. Each time the bookworm eats a letter you will get points, and he will get longer. You need to get as many points as possible.

The game ends if the bookworm eats the wrong letter, crashes into the edge of the game, or crashes into itself.

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Word hurdles

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Alphabet Jungle

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Bear Family

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Drag and Drop

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